Founder & Chairman

Kalvi Thandhai (Pulavar) Dr. C.PALANIVEL M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D.,.

Our Institution is established to provide a phenomenal guidance to disciples who have appetite to attain the pinnacle. Our aim is to focus on the upliftment of the rural youth and semi-urban community and serve the needs of deserved. The scope of the institution is to create opportunity to all without any discrimination. Our purpose is to engrave the students into a high caliber.
This academic concept is not only to enrich the knowledge and eradicate the ignorance but also to ignite the life of rural youth through bestows an employment opportunity with desired stipend. Our organization contributes to the social and cultural evolution to produce great Indians. We assure you of our the best service in offering you a sterling education. I extend a warm welcome to our students and wish them a great future and success.

Our Secretary


Our Institutions is a Co-educational Institutions. It provides opportunities to develop leadership qualities of both boys and girls. The institution is aiming to develop the person as a whole. We have started many job oriented courses. The ultimate goal is doing the best and enjoying it. We are aiming to generate high profile young graduates to start the career throughout the world.

Vice Chairman

M.K.R. SURESH M.Tech., (Ph.D.,)

"EDUCATION IS THE MANIFESTATION OF THE PERFECCTION ALREADY IN MAN "BY SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. We welcome you all and I am very happy you have chosen this Institutions. It brings me great joy to be calling myself an integral part of this popular institution.


We provide the perfect education for your child every day


Modern School seeks to educate and nurture its students and to help them maximize their potential. To attain this goal, the School provides a challenging and rigorous set of academic and extracurricular programs within a caring and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to test and learn about themselves, to develop a concern for others and to grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally:

  • Academically Accomplished
  • Emotionally Balanced
  • Morally Upright
  • Socially responsible
  • Ecologically Sensitive
  • Professionally dedicated

so that they are a powerful force for the transformation of society.